Project Nothing

This project demonstrates nothing as an item.

Pop-out pamphlet with nothing represented in absence.

Transcript below.


nothing emptiness aught blank cipher
diddly zilch nada nought naught not
anything not a thing nothingness zip
nullity squat zip zippo diddly squat
not even a whit iota or ounce zot
nihility nobody nonentity void nil no
thing without presence nonexistant
none nix void not something zero

I am selling nothing, although one could argue that I am
selling something. What I am selling now exists more than
if it was not being sold however I would argue that it is
the closest thing to nothing that I can provide. It is
being described and defined as nothing so technically and
legally you are genuinely buying nothing. Some may ask
‘Why have nothing?’ and say ‘There is no need for nothing’
however it is definitely something you can get the man who
has everything.

Doesn’t everybody always want what they cannot have?
Different to not buying anything it is the perfect cherry
atop gift. It is central to the concept of a mathematical
zero; the additive identity of the real numbers, subsets
of the real numbers, real coefficients of complex numbers
and various algebraic groups. Zero is not what you are
buying, that has messy existential properties. You, as I
have previously mentioned are buying nothing; a purer unusable
form. Zero also has an effect in all mathematical
groups. It therefore voids association with nothing. Zero
did not exist before its use in India 4th century however
it now exists. Today you are ready to purchase one of the
only things that will never be used or exist, ever.

I cannot say for certain whether there are or are not other
things that will never exist ever as the schema may form
sometime in the future however the schema for nothing has
pre-assigned non–existential properties, we must accept
this or the very structure of a ‘definition’ breaks down.
Concept wise it is unique and quantity wise rarer than
diamonds though nothing is nobody’s best friend.

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