No need for a date

     No need for a date

___Do I wait?
_with open gait?
_Looking for a mate?
__Am I bound by fate?
___for love not a spate?
__Shall it indicate?
__joining by holy syndicate
_To dictate, you must consummate
_It’s imperative that you procreate
_recreate, must impregnate
To inflate the birth rate
__Just violate, then inseminate
__Wait past your expiration date
___Fear a family that’s mentally late
__This just instinct should be innate,
__Your destiny you must not narrate
__It’s just felt that we should state
__your existence must reinstate
___Regardless of catholic debate
___Our numbers must inflate
__seek out a conjugate

Sexuality contemplate?

Be straight!

Do not chastise your gate

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